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  • Supported SB85 putting the University 6 Mill Levy on the ballot for Montana voters to  approve.  I strongly support the 6 mill levy.
  • Supported SB 260 and SB307 which address funding for K12 facilities.
  • Supported SB115 which provides a stipend for teachers who earn their National Board Certification.
  • I will work for and support legislation that prepares our K12 students for careers and college, including encouraging Advance Placement and dual credit courses that will reduce the cost of college and Career and Technical Education, including apprenticeship programs and internships, that prepare students for good jobs.  I will also look for ways to support Individual Education Plans for K12 students.
  • I will work for and support legislation that keeps college affordable for Montana students.  This includes ways to encourage higher graduation rates in shorter times.

Grubbs for HD68
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